Our Charism

We are rooted first and foremost in the celebration of our Lord and Savior through the Divine sacrifice of the most holy Eucharist.  We are, in essence, bound to a liturgical life celebrating the life, death, and most especially the resurrection of our Christ, Jesus.

We are women and men who teach the truest teachings – the words and example of God called to life through Jesus.  We are preachers, teachers, and celebrants of life dedicated to truth, social justice, and living an intricately intimate existence with our Lord.

While we are on our sacred wanderings and journeys in this life, we share with whose we serve, God’s own self-knowledge through service and teaching.  We reveal ourselves in truth as our Father has been revealed to us through our Lord, Jesus the Christ.  The truth redeems and saves as it lives and breathes through each of us who preach it.

But we are not thieves in the night, come to take what is not rightfully ours or to lead others astray through our own arrogance and misinterpretations.  We must continue to better ourselves through study and prayer.  We must work on our selves and learn all we can so that we might prepare a way lit by the Spirit  and paved with hard work and dedication of those who have gone before us.