The Dominican Order (or “Order of Preachers”) was founded by Saint Dominic in the early 13th century, who saw the need for greater education and engagement of society. As the name implies, the charism of the Dominicans is primarily preaching and teaching “to combat heresy and propagate religious truth”. Saint Dominic possessed a great love for Our Lady, and is considered the founder of the Holy Rosary. He was also renown for his theological disputations against heretics, particularly the Albigensians, to which he won many to the faith. In fact, his preaching was so effective, that the enemies of the Church soon resorted to insults and threats, seeing that they were unable to refute his arguments.

Saint Dominic teaches us the power that words can have on people, especially when they are supported by prayer and sacrifice. Although he practiced many austere penances to the bewilderment of his followers, he also loved heretics deeply and sought to understand their positions in order to effectively combat them.

The Dominican order is also responsible for producing arguably the greatest theologian in history, Saint Thomas Aquinas, whose thought the Church as adopted virtually wholesale into its theology, even more than Augustine (for example, during the council of Trent, the Summa Theologica was placed next to the Bible on the altar in honor of its importance). While most Dominicans are active, few communities may also live a strictly cloistered life.

You would belong to them because you are an intellectual person that not only loves learning and studying, but, above all, transmiting the Truth to others.